SMC Statement


Joint statement by SMC and Humberside Police regarding a Security Gate across the Argyle Street Access point (“the Argyle Street Access”) to the KCOM Stadium 

SMC have informed Humberside Police, that following Hull City Council having late this evening provided SMC with a satisfactory indemnity in respect of persons passing to and from the Argyle Street Access to and from Hull Fair during the 2017 Hull Fair period across the Stadium land leased to SMC by Hull City Council, as a gesture of goodwill by SMC, the Security Gate will be open during the following hours of the remaining Hull Fair Period:

Saturday 7 October 2017  930pm  - midnight

Sunday 8 October 2017. Closed

Monday 9 October - Friday 13 October 2017. 4pm - midnight 

Saturday 14 October 2017 2pm - midnight

The SMC land will, with SMC’s agreement, be policed during these hours by the multi-agency team, who are carrying out these roles as part of the wider Hull Fair event.

SMC have confirmed that the Security Gate will remain closed at all other times.