SMC Statement

In July 2017, a 1.8m tall metal security gate was erected at the KCOM Stadium end of a pedestrian route which leads from Argyle Street/Londesborough Street to the KCOM Stadium following security advice received by SMC from the North East Counter Terrorism Unit (“NECTU”).


The gate forms part of wide range of measures taken by SMC to improve security at the KCOM Stadium. Which, together with the steps recently taken by Hull City Council to restrict access to the Walton Street Car Park, will assist SMC in maintaining the safety and security of visitors to the KCOM Stadium.


The gate was installed by SMC without planning permission following discussions between SMC and Hull City Council during which Hull City Council confirmed that a gate of less than 2m in height would not require planning permission. This advice was consistent with the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) (Order) 2015 which states that a gate of less than 2m in height is a “permitted development” and does not require planning permission.  SMC was surprised, therefore, when, after the gate was installed, Hull City Council asserted that planning permission was in fact needed.


During a recent security review meeting with SMC, NECTU once against expressed concern to SMC that the unrestricted access to the KCOM Stadium provided by the Argyle Street/Londesborough Street pedestrian route rendered the KCOM Stadium vulnerable to third parties carrying out illicit activities.


The safety and wellbeing of visitors to KCOM Stadium is of paramount concern to the SMC. Given that the gate, when closed, will enable SMC to address the security concerns previously raised with SMC by NECTU, and is also, in SMC’s opinion, “a permitted development” and therefore does not require planning permission,  SMC will be closing and securing the gate at 6pm Saturday 30 September 2017.


SMC would like to reassure fans that use the Argyle Street/Londesborough Street pedestrian route to travel to and from the KCOM Stadium for football and rugby matches that the gate will be open on future match days from 2 hours before kick off (turnstiles at the KCOM Stadium open 1.5 hours before a match) until 1 hour after a match has finished.  Likewise, the gate will be open before and after other events periodically taking place at the KCOM Stadium, for example music concerts. The gate will, however, at all other times be closed.


This will prevent public access to and from the KCOM Stadium to and from the Argyle Street/Londesborough Street pedestrian route. SMC is aware of statements that have previously been made on social media that a public right of way exists over the Argyle Street/Londesborough Street pedestrian route. SMC takes the opportunity here to make clear that that is not the case, there being no public right of way over that route.