KCOM Stadium Summer Upgrades

SMC Statement – August 2016

Over the summer months, The SuperStadium Management Company along with The Tigers have been working tirelessly on improving the stadium both externally and internally. We have invested over 1 million pounds into a new digital LED system to bring us on par with the some of the most cutting edge stadiums across the globe that has both TV and crowd facing content that will have a fantastic impact on the fans experience. Along with this, we have equally been investing in other key locations and are excited to share with you the following projects that are well underway here at the stadium:

  • Most fans will have already seen the new KCOM branding to the towers, but once inside you will see a whole new upgraded interior, including the dugout refurbishment, all signage both in hospitality and concourse to give the KCOM stadium a refreshed look.
  • In the front section of our East Stand we have built a whole new raised platform for better disable viewing.
  • All the rubber matting around the stadium has been replaced with both black and in TV facing areas, green matting to improve a better HD viewing experience for those watching at home.
  • We have laid over 70 miles of new cabling to house the new LED system, however, with the success of Hull FC in the play-offs we do have some challenges with timings and are slightly behind due to the complexity of this project, so some seats will temporarily have a restricted view of the edge of the playing surface for the next three weeks. Ground works will be taking place following Hull FC’s Super 8’s Home game against Catalans and we hope to have a resolution in place by the Manchester United fixture on Saturday 27th August.
  • Sky have invested this year too on the vehicles they use for outside broadcasting as they are providing enhanced picture quality for those with 4K TV’s, so in turn we have extended our area for them along with 60 miles of cables to facilitate their investment and future technology.
  • Our West Stand reception areas is now complete with sleek new turnstiles that can easily welcome our hospitality guests both safely and swiftly.
  • Following consultations with our fans, we have installed all new card readers to expedite the entrance into the stadium, and you will soon be able to view on our website a new video outlining how to use your season cards and print at home tickets.

I am very pleased at the effort all round from my team, the club and contractors, to get to this point in such a short space of time, although there is still work to do, and more exciting projects planned, we are keen to show you this work at our next match and look forward to welcoming you to our improved stadium.


James Deacon,

Managing Director

Superstadium Management Company