ELO Security Notice

Security screening will be in operation when entering the Stadium site.

Security screening areas will be located at key entry points before entering the external Catering village. Police officers are on duty and you may see Uniformed Police firearms officers, patrolling the outside of the venue.

Trained SIA staff will carry out pat down and bag searches, female and male staff will carry out gender appropriate searches.

Amnesty bins are available for any prohibited or unwanted items. The venue will not be able to return any items placed in the amnesty bins and will not be liable for replacing or covering the value of items left in the Amnesty bins, All left items will be destroyed.

Only valid ticket holders permitted through the security screening area, Once through the security screening area you will not be able to leave during the event and then re-enter, Please ensure you bring with you all essential belongings that are necessary i.e. medication, Money/ Bank cards, Mobile phone.

Please do not bring unnecessary belongings/ bags, as this will delay your entry into the venue.

The following items are PROHIBITED through the Security screening area. This includes your own Food and or beverages (Including alcohol).









Once within the Catering village you will be free to move around until the turnstiles open at 1630.

Queues are likely at both the screening area and turnstiles, please allow extra time, and arrive early to enjoy the facilities available, there are grassed areas within the security cordon where you can sit down and enjoy the party atmosphere and the weather.

Please do not arrive at the screening area before 1345 (1:45pm), the screening area will open at 1400 (2pm).

  • Turnstile entry and tickets.

Please only use the turnstile as stated on your ticket unless directed otherwise by Stewards.

Those entering the pitch area will need to use the turnstiles in either the South East or North East corner of the stadium, as directed on your ticket. Once through the turnstile you will receive a wristband from stewards, the wristband will allow you to freely exit into the external catering village and re-enter the stadium during the event via the South West or North West corners of the stadium.

Please ensure this wristband is visible and worn at all times; please retain your ticket for added proof and reminder of your allocated seat.

Pitch area Wheelchair users or ambulant disabled please enter via the North East or South East corner of the Stadium as directed on your ticket, where the above process will be carried out, please make yourself known to Stewards should you require any assistance.

All ticket holders must keep their ticket with them at all times, please do not dispose/ lose your ticket once you have entered through a turnstile, failure to produce a ticket upon request by security staff may result in removal from the venue, you will also need your ticket as proof/ reminder of your seat number. The venue is all reserved seating and by retaining your ticket will help stewards guide you to your seat and settle any seating disputes quickly.

Ticket collections and ticketing queries desk is located in the park area adjacent to the West stand reception, please refer to the site plan below. This can only be accessed prior to the Security screening areas.

  • Catering village.

The Catering village will open at 1400 and a full range of facilities are available including merchandise, food and beverage stalls, selling various types of street food and popular brands of alcohol/ non-alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol must be consumed within the Catering village and or Stadium, Alcohol is not permitted to leave these areas.

Please note official merchandise outlets are only operated within the catering village, please be aware of unofficial merchandise street vendors who may operate within the park area and on the approaches to the venue, these vendors are not part of the concert, and items sold by them may be unsafe.

Smoking is permitted in the Catering village however, it is not permitted inside the stadium, or Pitch area, this rule includes electronic substitute devices.

Toilets will be located in the Catering village.

ATM cash machines are also available onsite and will be located outside the West stand reception; please look out for ATM tall feather signs, which will guide you towards the ATM, A charge applies to cash withdrawals.